violinViolin, the western musical instrument was adopted in to Carnatic music a few centuries back. Since then violin has been inspiring music lovers with its diversified style and romantic tone. The violin is a stringed musical instrument that trace back its origin in Northern Italy. The instrument evolved in the early 16th century. It is believed that the Medici family commissioned Andrea Amati to create a high-quality instrument that could be used by street musicians; the result was the violin.


In the early eighteenth century Antonio Stradivari created what is known as the perfect violin. Since then, there has been very little advancement in the design of the violin. The violin is the smallest member of the strings family. It is also the highest-tuned instrument of the family. Violin was introduce in to carnatic music only a few centuries back during the period of Maharaja Swatitirunal. The violin is capable of playing the Carnatic music to its true perfection. The great violinists like Lalgudi Jayaraman, T.N. Krishnan and Chowdayyah has further elivated the position of the violin in the field of carnatic music

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