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The city of Thanjavur derived its name from Tanjan - an asura or demon who according to legends caused destruction and fear among people. He was killed by Sri Anandavalli Amman and Sri Neelamegapperumal. Tanjan's last request was that the city might be named after him and his request was granted.

Thanjavur, or Tanjapuri as it was called in the ancient times was chosen by Vijayalaya Chola as the seat of his new kingdom in 848 CE and is an important city highlighting the tradition and heritage of India . Thanjavur maintained its position as the chief city. The great temple of Brihadisvara was built by Raja raja Chola I and the temple was completed by 1010 CE. After the reign of Cholas, the Pandyas conquered the country. Madurai was the then capital of Pandyas and Thanjavur remained as an important part of the Vijaynagar empire..Thanjavur is world famous for the great Brahadeeswara Temple (also known as Brihadeeswara temple) eructed by Rajaraja Chola. The Brahadeeswara Temple also known as the Big Temple is also famous being one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is attracting enthusiasts and tradition and heritage seekers from all over the world.


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