Revathi's new book "A peek into Prahladha Bhakthi Vijaya" released



Prahladha Bhakti VijayaAn attempt to retain the traditional bonds of music with the language of today, which is both a poignant necessity and a link to preserve conventional music - witnessed Sri Jayarama Seva Mandali, a fine instance of this experience.

Balaji Sangeetha Vidyalaya Trust[R] released a book in English on January 24, 2010 - “A peek into Prahladha Bhakthi Vijaya” authored by Kum. Revathi Sridharan , a Lead Engineer working for an MNC, Bangalore.

The book envelopes a gist of all the 45 compositions from Saint Thyagaraja's original play “Prahladha Bhakthi Vijaya”, interpretation of the story line to bridge the narration between the compositions and construal of various musical elements. At most places, parallels are drawn by the author between Prahladha's devotion to Lord Hari and Thyagaraja's commitment to Sri Rama. Thyagaraja's covetousness of Prahladha's devotion – the Saint's ONLY motivation behind the play is painted well by the author.

Vid Sri D. V. Nagarajan, a well-known name in the music world, a celebrated Carnatic vocalist and the most favoured Music teacher in Bangalore , also the Principal of Balaji Sangeetha Vidyalaya Trust[R] took to the publisher's role, his gesture of blessing his student, the author Revathi's work.

Sangeetha Kalarathna Sri S. Krishna Murthy, Retd. Station Director, AIR, Bangalore graced the ceremony and released the book. “The book though slim in volume is a complete work and gives an uninterrupted import of Saint Thyagaraja's original play. It encompasses not just the transliteration, but also a simple, yet beautiful narration of Prahladha's story through the compositions” said Sri S.K.M sharply analyzing the various acts of the play as traded in by the author. “The book is an eye-opener for music students to appreciate the context and the background in which these krithis would have taken their form” he opined in the same lines of Music Therapist Dr. T.V. Sairam's foreword.

Sri S. K. Gopalakrishna, Secretary, Sri Jayarama Seva Mandali presided over the release ceremony.

A fitting episode to the book launch was a Carnatic Concert by Vid. S.R. Vinay Sharva with rendition of selected compositions from the play dealt in the book

The author and the publisher hope that this anthology would add a helping dimension to the interested Music candidates.


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