Margazhi Ragam A great Beginning and innovation, says
Mani Ratnam

December 6, CHENNAI: Talking at the grand launch ceremony of DVD of the nouvelle music experience, Margazhi Ragam, the veteran Film director Mani Ratnam described as a new trend setter as the new concept adds to the visual style of presentation of the age old carnatic music.

Margazhi Raagam the first of its kind Carnatic music concert is exclusively adapted for cinema. Margazhi Raagam features T.M. Krishna and Bombay Jayashri two foremost artistes of the present day Carnatic music world. The producers are Real Image Media Technologies and Aghal Films. Talking to the audience who attended the splendid function, Sri.Mani Ratnam said that it was indeed a herculian task to extract the essence of an abstract art like carnatic music to make it compatible with a different medium on the big screen. He made a special mention about the 5.1 digital surround sound technology used which elevates the listening experience to near perfection.

In Bombay Jayashri's words Margazhi Raagam was "the best experience for me to work with the best people''. She also said that margazhi ragam has added to the music world by providing it a new dimension. Sri. TM Krishna said that he fully enjoyed the experience of performing and presenting Carnatic music in a different media. He added that “Its gratifying to be a part of Margazhi Raagam”. He added that Margazhi Raagam could prove to be a beginning of presenting true classical performing arts in cinema format. The collector's edition DVD with its exceptionally perfect 6-track surround sound for the home audience will be made available at major retail stores shortly.


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