Dakshina Mookambi National Festival for
Dance & Music 2013

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Panachikkadu Dakshina Mookambi National festival for Dance & Music 2013 Live online Navaratri programme schedule 2010


Navaratri is a festival of nine nights duration. It is a festival that dedicated to the worship of Devi. In her various forms like Lakshmi, Parvathi, Saraswathy etc...

As per vedic cult, there are three levels of existence in the creation, the physical, the subtle and the self. The Physical level is the tangible form of world we see around. The Subtle level is where all the energies governing the creation exist. The self is the pure, untouched bliss - the undivided consciousness. All the pooja and rituals are for the subtle energies that exist. These help to transverse from the Physical form to the Self.

Navaratri celebrations is having diversified forms and names allover India . Some devotees celebrate is as the victory of mother divine over the demon Mahishasura. Others believe that she killed the demon Bhandasura. Some also believe that this is the time when Durga was allowed to visit her mother at her home and she returned after a short visit of nine days. The significance of Navaratri can be linked to one's spiritual growth in vedic tradition. In order to progress on the spiritual path, one has to first get rid of all impurities, then acquire many skills and qualities. This true knowledge is represented by the three aspects of Mother Divine - Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

In the navaratri celebrations, in the first three days, there is emphasis on removal and destruction of the forms of obstacles by Goddess Durga. The mind of a devotee is tainted by impurities including anger, greed, hatred, lust, etc. These impurities must be swiped out before one can lead to moksha. It is Durga, riding on a tiger, who enters the inner mind of a devotee and slays all those impurities within.

During the next three days of Navaratri, the same Devi is worshipped in her positive aspect as Goddess Lakshmi. Seated on a lotus blossom and holding lotuses in many hands, Laskhni always represents prosperity. She is seen as the embodiment of gentleness, harmony and goodness.

The last three nights of Navaratri are devoted to the worship of goddess Saraswati, the one who is the provider of wisdom. After having rooted out the impurities and having developed good qualities, one is ready to receive the supreme knowledge - the knowledge of the self. Godess Saraswati is described as having a complexion that is white like that of snow.

The tenth day of the Navaratri is symbolized as that of Self Realization , the Vijaya Dashami. This day is considered to be very auspicious to start the learning of any science or skills.

Navarathri festival at Dakshina mookambika temple panachikkadu is scheduled to be celebrated as a national Festival from 12th October, 2007 to 21st October 2007. The main rituals include 'ezhuthiniruthu' or initiating young children to the world of knowledge. The main attraction of the Navaratri celebration at Panachikkadu is that reputed musicians from all over India perform here during the nine-day fete which is a mesmerizing experience for dance and music lovers. This years navarathri celebration programme schedule was as follows

PDF BrochureClick here for complete programme notice in pdf format


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Dakshina Mookambi, Panachikkadu devaswom
Kuzhimattom P.O
Kottayam, Kerala
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