ninnE nera namminAnura

ninnE nera
raagam: kaamavardhani

51 pantuvaraaLi (kaamavardhani) mela
Aa: S R1 G3 M2 P D1 N3 S
Av: S N3 D1 P M2 G3 R1 S

taaLam: roopakam
Composer: Tyaagaraaja
Language: Telugu


ninnE nera namminAnura O rAma rAmayya


anni kallalanucu ADi pADi vEDi pannagashayana nE cinna tanamu nADE

charaNam 1

vEda shAstra purANa vidyalacE bhEda vAdamula dIraka bhramayu vArala jUci

charaNam 2

bhOgamula kOraku bhuvilO rAjasammuna yAgAdu lonarinci yalayu vArula jUci

charaNam 3

I janmamuna ninnu rAji jEsikonalEka rAjillarAni tyAgarAja rAja rAghava


pallavi: Rama! I fully placed my faith in you alone.

anupallavi: I realized that worldly happiness is a mirage, so I engaged myself in singing your glory a nd praying for your grace while dancing to the rhythmic chanting of your names, ever since my childhood.

charaNam 1: Oh, you who recline on the serpent couch, observing men who are caught in the web of eternal arguments and disputes despite their profic iency in the Vedas and Epics. They waste their time in fruitless exercises and waste precious time.

charaNam 2: Seeing those who come to grief after engaging themselves in sacrifices in order to experience pleasure, I turned to you.

charaNam 3: Knowin g that those who are not blessed by you in birth have no chance of redemption, I have firm faith in you, O Rama.

ninne - you
nammi - have faith, trust
kallala - untruth
adi - dance
padi - sing
vedi - pray
nade - mine
bheda - divide, separate
bhrama - error illusion, desire
vaarala - always, constantly
bhOgamu - happiness
kora - deficiency
raajas - violent nature
yaaga - sacrifice
janma - era, cycle of birth
lEka - without


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