chooDarE chelulaara

raagam: kaamavardhini

51 pantuvaraaLi (kaamavardhani) mela
Aa: S R1 G3 M2 P D1 N3 S
Av: S N3 D1 P M2 G3 R1 S

taaLam: tripuTa


cUDar celulAra yamunAd vi sogasella santOSamuna

charaNam 1

errani pankEruhamulE andu impaina bhrnga nAdamule

charaNam 2

IsukadinnE lenta telupe mEnu indran lamu vaNTi nalupE

charaNam 3

mETikalu vajrampu shilalE andu kuTilamaina cinnayalale

charaNam 4

hamsala ravaLice jAla dEvI adigO celange nI vELa

charaNam 5

polatulAra podariNDlE tenEloluku kharjurapu paNDlE

charaNam 6

phalamucE drAkSa latalE andu paccani cilukala jatalE

charaNam 7

vinta vinta virula vAna madi kententO maru layyanE

charaNam 8

kOkilamulu mrOsEnE marudu kusuma sharambu vEsEnE

charaNam 9

callani malayam rutamE krSNa svAmini gUDunadi satamE

charaNam 10

rAja vadanalAra ganarE tyAgarAja sakhuni pAta vinarE


Friends! How delightful the river Yamuna's charm and beauty are! Red lotus flowers over which lovely bees hum, white sand dunes. Yamuna Devi's body is dark like precious blue gems, the steps looking like gem-studded statues, and waves curling underneath and the sweet music of swans. All these contribute to the fascination of goddess Yamuna of the river. Damsels! The gardens on the banks sport daes dripping with honey, vines with swaying bunches of grapes, on which gambol pairs of green parrots courting. Diverse kinds of flowers fall from trees and creepers, like a gentle drizzle. What a fascinating scene. How pleasing to watch. Cuckoos are pouring out their dulcet tunes. The stage is ideal for Cupid to send his flowery darts. The southern wind is blowing cool and refreshing. Damsels with lovely faces! We are sure of communing with Krishna . Listen to the sweet music of this youth, friend of Tyagaraja.


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