aparAdhamulamAnpi AdukOvayyA -keerthana

taaLam: jhampa
raagam: darbaar

pallavi :

aparAdhamulamAnpi AdukOvayyA


krpa jUci brOcitE kIrti galadika nIku

charaNam 1

atyanta matsara madAndhuDai sajjanula nitya karmamulavalE nindincu konna nA

charaNam 2

cUcuvArala keduTa sokki japituDanaiti yOcinca nIpAdayugala dhyAnamulEni nA

charaNam 3

straina janulanu gUDi viNADitini gAni prANahita guNakathala balka lEnaiti nA

charaNam 4

sharaNu joccina nannu karuNincavE rAma vara tyAgarAjanuta vashamu gAdika nAku


Pray, forgive me for my offences and come to my rescue. It will add to your glory if you treat me with mercy and protect me. Infatuated with arrogance I have indulged in abusing good men, almost as a routine of life. Without true devotion to your holy feet, I have made a show to onlookers that I am a pious man doing 'Japa'. I have mingled with women and wasted my time in gossip with them but have not expatiated on stories of your glory which are beneficent to my life. I have taken refuge in thee. Have mercy on me. I can no longer bear this.


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