baDalika dIra pavvaLincavE -keerthana

raagam: reeti gowLa
taaLam: aadi


baDalika dIra pavvaLincavE


saDalani duritamunu tEgagOsi-sArvabhauma sAkEtarAma


pankajAsanuni paritApamu kani pankajAptakula pativai velasi pankajAkSito vanamuna kEgi
jinkanu vadhiyinci manku rAvaNuni madamu nanaci nishshankuDagu vibhISaNuniki
bangAru lanka nosagi surula brOcina niSkaLanka! tyAgarAjanuta rAma


Omniscient Lord Supreme! Saketa Rama! Rest on your downy bed and be free of fatigue, erasing my inexhaustible sings, root and branch. Having exerted yourself so much, Lord, you need rest. Relenting at the pitiable plight of Brahma, you incarnated in the solar race, all the way down from your celestial abode. You had to trek enormous distances in the frightful jungles with Sita. There you shot down a Rakshasa who had assumed the form of a golden deer with the evil intention of separating you from Sita. Then you engaged yourself in relentless war to humble the might of arrogant Ravana and bestowed on his brother Vibhishana who was loyal to you the kingdom of Lanka . Thus you accomplished the onerous mission of protecting the Devas. What a lot of exertion all this must have meant, Immaculate Lord! Lie down and sleep soundly.


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