chalamElarA sAkEtarAmA

raagam: maargahindOLam
taaLam: dEshaadi


chalamElarA sAkEtarAmA


valachi bhakti mArgamutOnu ninnu varninchu cunna natO


endu bOdu nE nEmi sEyadunu eccOTa nE mora beTTudunu
dandhanalatO proddu pOvalen tAla jAlara tyAgarAjanuta

Please don't be cross with me O Saketa Rama! Having fallen in love with you, I am singing your praises with intense devotion. Where else can I go? What can I do? Whom else to complain to? Is this precious life to be frittered away by your deceptive pranks? I can no longer stand it. Have mercy on me.



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