aTu kArAdani palka-nabhimAnamu - keerthana

raagam: manOranjani
taaLam: aadi

pallavi :

aTu kArAdani palka-nabhimAnamu lEka pOyenA


eTulOrtunu nE? dayajUDavayyA, EvElpu sEyu calamO telisi


vEda shAstrOpanishad viduDaina nijapu dArini baTTi
dAsuDaina nAdupai nEpamincitE,tyAgarAjanuta

Assure me, Lord, that it won^Òt happen again. Do you not have that much concern for me? I am unable to bear this state of suspense. Can it be the deliberate design of an evil-minded deity? Well versed in scriptures, I have been steadfast in my duties by following the right path as your devotee. If you still find fault with me and abandon me I have no hope at all.


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