anAthuDanu gAnu - keerthana

raagam: jingala
taaLam: aadi

pallavi :

anAthuDanu gAnu; rAma nE!

anupallavi :

anAthuDavu nIvani niga majnyula sanAtanula mATa vinnAnu; nE

charaNam :

nirAdaravu jUci, yI kali narAdhamulanEru
purANapuruSa! purAripunuta! nAgarATshayana! tyAgarAjanuta!


O Rama! I am not an orphan (as you are taking care of me) In a way you are that (since there is none to take care of you and none above you to command you), that is what I have heard from wise men well versed in vedas Silly folks, in their ignorance, call me a destitute because I do not have any human support. O Purana Purusha! One worshipped by Shiva! One who reclines on Adishesha! (where is the need for any support when you have taken me into your fold!)


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