anduNDaka nE vEga - keerthana

pallavi :

anduNDaka nE vEga vaccEdanani nApai nanabeTTi pOrA
(anduNDaka nE)


mandaradhara nivAptulatO gUDi maracitE yEmi sEtun O rAghava
(anduNDaka nE)

charaNam 1

kanavale nanu vELa lEkunna gannIru kAluvagA bArunE inakulAdhipa nIvu
rAnu tAmasamaite nillu vAkili yaunE O rAghava
(anduNDaka nE)

charaNam 2

nirupamAnanda shayyapai lEkuNTE nimiSamu yugamaune paramAtma nIvu
gAnaka bhramasina vLAa parulu navvuTakaune O rAghava
(anduNDaka nE)

charaNam 3

parama bhaktiyu nAprAyamulella danujula pAlugA bonaunE varada shrI
tyAgarAjArcita padayuga vAridhi mundarane O rAghava
(anduNDaka nE)


You will go on promising that you will surely come back quickly! O Raghava, who supported the Mandara mountain! When in the company of near and dear friends, you forget me and continue to stay there, what is my fate here? Whenever I feel the urge to see you, you are not visible, my eyes shed canal-like tears. Gem of the solar race! If there should be delay in your coming, my utter helplessness will be exposed! If you don't recline on the peerless and blissful couch of my heart, every minute drags into an eon. Supreme Lord! If you disappear and I am not able to trace you, I will surely seem to be exposed to ridicule and derisive laughter. Should you tolerate my devotion and lifetime being wasted on men with demonic qualities? Bestower of boons! One with feet worshipped by Tyagaraja! Please do not get attached to the other side of the seashore. Return without delay.


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