bhuvini dAsuDan pErAsacE - keerthana

raagam: shree ranjani
taaLam: dEshaadi


bhuvini dAsuDan pErAsacE bonkulADitinA budha manOharA


avivEka mAnavula gOrikOri aDDatrOva drokkitinA brOvavE


cAla saukhyamO kaSTamO nEnu jAli jenditin sarivArilO
pAlamuncina nITamuncina padamulE gati tyAgarAjanuta

O Lord! Dear to men of wisdom. Out of greed to be recognized as your devotee, have I been wandering about uttering falsehood? Or have I associated myself with indiscrete men and indulged in nefarious activities? Pray protect me. In weal or woe have I ever complained or given way to grief? Whether you drown me in milk or whater, whether you honor me or disgrace me, amidst my peers, I shall hold fast to your divine feet as my sole refuge.


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