bhaja rAmam satatam mAnasa


bhaja rAmam satatam mAnasa

charaNam 1

amita shubhAkaram pApa timira vibhAkaram

charaNam 2

shatamagha nuta gItam sakala shrita pArijAtam

charaNam 3

pAlita lOka gAnam parama kapAli vinuta suguNam

charaNam 4

sarOjavara nAbham yama purArAti lAbham

charaNam 5

varAnanda kandam nata surAdi muni brndam

charaNam 6

kamanIya sharIram dhIram mama jIvAdhAram

charaNam 7

kara dhrta sharachApam rAmam bharita guna kalApam

charaNam 8

bhava jalanidhi pOtham sArasa bhavamukha nijatAtam

charaNam 9

vAtAtmaja sulabham vara sItA vallabham

charaNam 10

rAja ravi nEtram tyAgarAja vara mitram


pallavi: O mind! Engage yourself constantly in the singing the glory of Rama.

He is the mime of all good things.
He is the sun, which dispels the darkness of ignorance.
He is praised by Shiva who was worshipped by Ravana, no less a person of the mighty Rakshasa king, with a hundred heads.
He is an inexhaustible treasure from which devotees can obtain whatever they desire.
He is the protector of the devotees, praised by Kapali-the Paramashiva, virtuous; one who prevailed as the God of death and destroyed the three Rakshasas who, roaming about in their flying fortresses, caused untold miseries to devas and sages.
He is beautiful and a warrior, prop of Tyagaraja, matchless wielder of His bow and arrows, Abode of the virtues.
He is the float, which enables devotees to cross this vale of sorrow.
Father of Brahma, intimate friend of Hanuman, Spouse of the revered Janaki.
He has the Sun and the Moon as his eyes, and He is intimate to Tyagaraja.


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