Maanasa Sanchara re


Maanasa Sanchara re
Brahmani Maanasa Sancharare

Charanam 1

Madasikhi pinchaalankruta chikure
Mahaneeya kapola vijitha mukure || Maanasa Sancharare ||

Charanam 2

Sri Ramani Kucha Durga Vihaare
Sevaka jana mandira mandaare || Maanasa Sancharare ||

Charanam 3

Paramahamsa mukha Chandra chakore
Paripooritha murali ravadhare || Maanasa Sancharare ||

Introduction to the Kriti

This is a kriti by Sadashiva Brahmendra of 18th Century. The kriti is a desire to have one's mind move around the Lord and feel his presence! Lord Sri Krishna seems to be in the periphery of the geetham.

Meaning *
The devotee wants his mind to go on a pilgrimage round the Brahmam. Let the mind go about the sikha (shirojas=hair) of the Lord decorated with the Peacock's fine feathers! Let the mind be with the Lord who goes around Goddess Lakshmi Devi and whose visage outwits the brightness of the mirror! Ascetics see this brightness as a Chandra Chakora (bright coloured parrot, meaning, festivity to the eyes). Let the mind be filled with the Lord who is a Kalpavriksha in hearts of His devotees. Let the mind complete the pilgrimage with the flow of the music from the Lord's flute.


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