bhavanuta nA hrdayamuna - keerthana

raagam: mOhanam
taaLam: aadi


bhavanuta nA hrdayamuna ramimpumu baDalika dIra


bhava tAraka nAtO bahu balkina baDalika dIra kamala sam

charaNam 1

pavanasuta priya tanakai dirigina baDalika dIra
bhavanamu jEri nanu vErapincina baDalika dIra kamala sam

charaNam 2

varamagu naivEdyamulanu jEyani baDalika dIra
paravalEka saripOyinaTTADina baDalika dIra kamala sam

charaNam 3

prabala jEsi nanu brOcEdavanukonna-baDalika dIra
prabhuvu nIvu tyAgarAjuniki baDalika dIra kamala sam

O Rama! Adored by Brahma! Do come and sport in my heart and be rid of your exhaustion. One who helps to cross the ocean of Samsara! O Worshipped by Brahma, one who is born from the Lotus! Loved by Anjaneya! At your sudden, unexpected arrival, I felt embarrassed. I could not receive you in the royal style befitting you and make offerings to match. But you set me at rest by cheerfully accepting whatever I could extend, and what is more, assured me that you would take care of me and proclaim to the world that I belong to you. Aren't you the Lord protecting Tyagaraja?


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