bhajarE bhaja mAnasa

taaLam: tripuTa
raagam: kannaDa


bhajarE bhaja mAnasa rAmam


ajamukha shuka vinutam shubha caritam

charaNam 1

nirmita lOkam nirjita shOkam pAlita munijanam adhunA nrpa pAkam

charaNam 2

shankara mitram shyAmaa gAtram kinkara jana gaNa tApatraya tamOmitram

charaNam 3

bhUsama shAntam bhuja kAntam vAram akhiladam tyAgarAja hrdbhAntam

O Mind! Sing the glory of Rama adored by Brahma and others, sages like Suka and others. He has an auspicious history. He is the Creator of this universe. He has won over sorrow. He is the Protector of Sages. He has now assumed the form of a Prince. He is the friend of Shiva. He is ever ready to offer refuge to the oppressed and virtuous who seek Him and eliminates their worldly ills. Like the sun that dispels the darkness. He has the patience of Mother earth. He is the Lord of Sita born of earth. He bestows everything. He is effulgent in Tyagaraja's heart.


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