bhakti biccamiyyavE - keerthana


bhakti biccamiyyavE bhAvukamagu sAttvika


mukti kakhila shaktiki trimUrtula katimElmi rAma


prAnamu lEni vAniki bangAru pAga cuTTi Ani vajra bhUSaNa muramandu beTTu rIti jAnalaku
purANAgama shAstra vEda japa prasanga trANa galgi yEmi bhakta tyAgarAjanuta rAma

Raama! I stand at your threshold begging devotion to you and only to you, nothing else! That devotion is reputed to confer all auspicious attributes leading to that peace that passes all understanding. This devotion is all powerful. It confers a status superior to that of celestials and the trinity. To train deceitful and dashing women, bereft of devotion to expound Vedas scriptures and the epics will be like decorating corpses with laced cloth and gem studded ornaments, a ridiculous exercise in futility.



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