bhaja rE raghuvIram - keerthana

raagam: kalyaaNi
taaLam: aadi


bhaja rE raghuvIram shara bharita dasharatha kumAram
(bhaja rE)

charaNam 1

nIvu durAsala rOsi para nindala nellanu bAsi
(bhaja rE)

caraNam 2

pancEndriyamula naNacu prapanca sukhamu visamanucu
(bhaja rE)

charaNam 3

anniyu panikodigEnA iu au tirigina telisEnA
(bhaja rE)

charaNam 4

vErupanulaku bOka gOmukha vyAghramu candamu gAka
(bhaja rE)

charaNam 5

tappu taNTalanu mAni bhava taraAamunanu matipUni
(bhaja rE)

charaNam 6

karmamu hariki nosangi satkAryamulanduppongi
(bhaja rE)

charaNam 7

bhakti mArgamunu telisi nija-bhAgavatula jata galasi
(bhaja rE)

charaNam 8

mAyArahituni golici nI-manasuna rAmuni dalaci
(bhaja rE)

charaNam 9

kAmAdula nEginci nI kAryamulanu sAdhinci
(bhaja rE)

charaNam 10

rAjAdhipugA velasi tyAgarAja varaduDani telisi
(bhaja rE)


Pallavi: O Mortal! Worship only Raghuvira! He is a doughty warrior wielding the Kodanda, Son of Dasharatha.

1: Erase your unworthy desires and desist from maliciously slandering others. 2: Control your senses and regard temporal pleasures as deadly poison. 3: Fulfil your duties ridding yourself of passion, attachment and anger. Judge your thoughts are consistent with your duties. Mere wandering here and there and indiscriminate association cannot bring you wisdom. 4: Eschew undesirable ways. Do not become a tiger in cow's skin. 5: Avoid dissembling and imposing on others and concentrate on transcending the ocean of the Samskara. 6: Dedecate all your actions to Shrihari and delight in performing worthy actions. 7: Seek to know the path of devotion and associate only with exalted devotees. 8,9: Worship the Lord who dispels illusions and meditate on him with profound involvement. 10: Know that this Supreme God incarnated as the king of the kings, who bestows boons on Tyagaraja. O Mortal worship...


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