allakallOla mAyEnammA -- keerthana

taaLam: aadi
raagam: sowraashTram


allakallOla mAyEnammA yamunA dEvi mA yArtulella dIrcu mAyammA


mollalace pUjinci mrokkedamu brOvumammA

charaNam 1

mArubAriki tALalEka I rAjakumAruni decciti mindAka
tAru mArAye bratuku tattaLincuna dendAka

charaNam 2

gAli vAnalu nindArAya mA panulella gEli sEyuta kedA mAye
mAlimitO mammElucu gani edabAyanAyE

charaNam 3

sommulella nI kosagEdamammA yamunEd vi I sumukhuni gaTTu
jErpavammA yemmekAni balimini Ela deccidi mammA

charaNam 4

nalina bhavuDu vrAsina vrAlu eTulaina gAni nAthudu bratiki
yunDina jAlu praLayamu layyenu E pani jEsina bhAmulu

charaNam 5

dEhamulella nosagedamammA O dEvi krSNa dEvuni gaTTu
jErpumamma mOhanAnguni mEmu mOsa buccitimammA

charaNam 6

mEmokkadenca bOtimammA mA pAli dEvudEmEmo yencukonnAtammA
rAmarO shrI tyAgarAjAptuni bAyamammA


Pallavi: Everything has ended in mere bustle and confusion. River Yamuna! relieve us from our sufferings.

Anupallavi: We worship you with jasmine flowers. Protect us.

CharaNam 1: Unable to stand the darts of cupid Manmata we invited and brought this prince with us. Our plans misfired and we are at a dead end. How long are we to be in this dreadful plight?

CharaNam 2: The violent winds and the dark clouds have become menacing. We came here even abandoning our spouses. Protect us with kindness and compassion.

CharaNam 3: We will offer you all our jewels. Somehow contrive to save Krishna and help Him raech the shore. We wonder why we brought this charming Krishna with us. Whatever be, what Brahma ordained for us, let Krishna be saved, whatever wonenfolk seem to do, it seems to end in deluge.

CharaNam 4: O devi! We surrender our bodies to you and to you only. Somehow, take Krishna ashore. This charming beauty, we have deluded and brought Him.

CharaNam 5: We came with some plan. He, our protecting God has something different.

CharaNam 6: O women! We can't be separate from him


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