anyAyamu sEyakurA ,rAma! - keerthana

raagam: kaapi
taaLam: aadi


anyAyamu sEyakurA, rAma! nanyunigA jUDakurA; nAyeDa, rAma! (anyAyamu)


ennO tappulu galavArini, rAjanya! nIvu brOcinAvu ganukanu (anyAyamu)


jaDa bharatuDu jinka ishuvu netti baDalika dIrcaga lEdA? kaDalini muniginagirinoka
kUrmamu kApaDAga lEdA? puDaminipANDava drOhini dharmaputruDu brOvaga lEdA?
naDimi prAyamuna tyAgarAjanuta nA pUrvaju bAdha dIrpa lEnani (anyAyamu)

Pallavi: Oh Rama! Do not treat me unjustly as if I am a stranger.

Anupallavi: Oh, best of kings! You have forgiven numerous and serious deliberate lapses of so many.

CharaNam: (Even) JADABHARATA, a realized soul of extraordinary detachment, melted at the sight of a fawn in distress and tended it with care and affection. When MANDARA mountain was sinking in the ocean, you yourself assumed the form of a huge tortoise and supported it. Did not Dharmaputra rush to the rescue of his arch enemy (Ashvattama) when he was in trouble? Do not say that it will not be possible for you to protect me in my middle age from the troubles and tortures of my elder brother (POORVAJU).


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