abhimAnamennaDu galgurA - keerthana

raagam: vivardhani
taaLam: aadi


abhimAnamennaDu galgurA anAthuDaina nAdupai nIku


aparAdhamulanni mannimpumayya abhirAma paTTAbhirAma nA endu


kanna talliyu kanna taNDriyu anniyu nivEyani namma lEdA
ninnuvinA gati nA kevaru lErE nannu brOvu tyAgarAja vinuta


pallavi: When will affection in you be born towards me, who is an orphan?

anupallavi: O! affectionate Rama! Pattabhirama! Pray, forgive all my wrongdoings.

charaNam: Have I not looked upon only you, as my mother, father and all other relationships? There is no one else in whom I can seek refuge. O! Praised by Tyagaraja. Protect me.


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