anupama guna mbudhi keerthana

taaLam: jhampa
raagam: aThaaNaa


anupama gun mbudhi yani ninnu nera nammi anusarincina vADanaiti


manupakayE yunnAvu; manupati! vrAsi mEmanupa mA kevaru vinumA dayarAni

charaNam 1

janaka jAmAtavai janaka jAmatavai janaka jAlamu cAlunu cAlunu, hari!

charaNam 2

kanakapaTadhara nannu kanakapaTa mEla tanu kanaka paThanamu sEtugAni bUni

charaNam 3

kalalOnu nIve sakala lOka nAtha kOkalu lOkuvaga nicci gAcinadi vini

charaNam 4

rAjakula kalashAbdhi rAja! surapAla! gajarAja rakSaka! tyAgarAjavinuta


By beleieving that you are the repository of all auspicious attributes, I have now become your full-fledged follower, yet you hesitate to protect me! O Lord of Manu race! Unfortunately for me, I have none of standing, compassionate enough to convey to you my helplessness and the urgent need for your grace. Should you not on your own initative? O son-in-law of the great king Janaka! Your forbearance is reputed to equal that of Mother earth, the mother of Sita devi. O my father! My plight cannot stand further delay.

One adorned with rich golden ornaments, why the duplicity in behaviour towards me? Is it because I constantly think of this treasure of the physical body?

O prop of all the worlds! Even in dreams I think of you as my only God. I have heard that enslaved by their unalloyed devotion to you, you have protected Draupadi and the Gopis in their hour of shame by copious supply of saris and clothes.

You are the moon risen out of the royal lineage. You are the Protector of Devas. You had protected Gajendra. You are worshipped by Tyagaraja.


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