aTTa balukudu keerthana


aTTa balukudu viTTa balukudu vandukEmi sEtu rAma? nI


TOTla narbhakula nUtuvu; mari mari tOcinaTTu gilluuvu; shrI rAma! nI


jIvula shikshincaga nErtuvu, ciran-jIvulugA jEya nErtuvurA;
bhAvamerigi brOtuvu, sadbhakta-bhAgadhEya! shrI tyAgarAjavinuta


Rama! How shocking to know that you are capricious and double-tongued! What am I to do for that? You rock the baby in the cradle and pinch it, too! You punish men or make them immortal only as they deserve, in accordance with your dispensation. Are you not the greatest fortune of your devotees?


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