kanna taNDri nApai karuna mAnakE gAsi tALanE

raagam:dEva manOhari


kanna taNDri nApai karuna mAnakE gAsi tALanE


ninna sEyu panulu nEdugEka vErenna lEdanucu vEmArulaku


eduru dAnanE ingita berigi cedaranIka pancEndriya manaci ninu
vadalalEni dhairyashAli gAdani madana kOtirUpa tyAgarAjanuta


Meaning:by V. Sadagopan
Kanna TanDri Naapai is a plaintive cry for the Lord's DayA . Sadhguru asks : " Oh My Father ! Please do not hold back your compassion for me . I can not bear the suffering caused by Your neglect. Please do not ever deny me Your DayA on the grounds that (1) I am just going through the daily routines of life such as eating and sleeping and leading an animal edition of human existence (2)I do not have the resolution and faith to possess ceaseless devotion to You and (3) I do not understand the relationship between me as a Sesha Jeevan and Yourself as a SarvasEshi and my supreme Master


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