Indian Classical Literature

This page is on Indian classical literature, one of the worlds, precious treasures. Indian classical literature comes under the most diverse form of literature right from the vedic period itself.

The earliest works of Indian classic literature were mstly oral. Sanskrit classic literature began with the emergance of Rig Veda, which is a collection of a set of sacred hymns. Rig veda dates back to the early 1400–1100 BC. The main Sanskrit (Samskrita) epics called The Ramayana and the Mahabharata emerged bythe end of the 1st millennium BC. The early Classical Sanskrit literature emerged and gained momentum in the initial centuries of the 1st millennium CE. At the same time in southern part of India, Tamil Sangam literature, and the Paali literature flourished a lot.


Early Sanscrit Literature

The most famous Indian poet and play wright Kalidasa wrote mainly two main epics of sanskrit origin they are, Raghuvamsha (The great Dynasty of Raghu) and Kumara sambhava (The Birth of kumara subrahmanya). Both these works were in Classical Sanskrit language and not just a classic writing. Other major works in anciant Classical Sanskrit literature style are the Ashtadhyayi by Pānini This work infact standardized the grammar and phonetics of pure Classical Sanskrit. The manusmriti, (rules of Manu) is a prominent text in Hindu religion. Kaalidasa is often reffered as the greatest playwright in world literature, and one of the greatest writers in classic Sanskrit literature. He has the same position in classical Sanskrit literature that Shakespeare occupies in English literature.


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