Artist Gallery

Guru Sri. Lalgudi G. Jayaraman

Lalgudi Gopala Iyer Jayaraman the maestro Carnatic violinist, was born in September 17th . Sri. Lalgudi Jayaraman the maestro took birth in the lineage of one of the disciples of saint Sri Tyagaraja Swami. Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman had in his blood, the true gist of Carnatic music from his great father, Late V. R. Gopala Iyer, from whom he got his initial training.

Sri. T.M. Krishna

T.M. Krishna is familiar name in the world of carnatic music and an icon for undiluted classical music tradition. He has been performing from the tender age of 12. Today he is the youngest singer to occupy the top slot in almost every major carnatic music festival in India and abroad.

Dr. Guruvayoor T.V. Manikandan

Guruvayoor Dr T V Manikandan is a familiarname in the field of Indian Classical Music. He is well-known for his traditional approach with purity and classicism. His melodious and clear voice takethe listeners to a divine world of peace and sheer enjoyment. According to his critics his music is a treat to ears and a food to soul

Smt. Vaikom B. rajammal

Smt. Vaikom B.Rajammal , the familiar name in the field of carnatic music in Kerala is truly a veteran and a personality unsurpassed with a true touch of tradition in her rendering and a flair for improvisation in her style. Backed by a heard of more than 400 students in the field of carnatic music , Smt. Rajammal represents a generation that has truly conceived the tradition and rich heritage of south Indian classical Music

Dr.Priya Krishnamoorthy

Dr.Priya Krishnamoorthy is truly the promising voice of tomorrow in carnatic classical music scenario in South India . Being the daughter of Smt. Vaikom B. Rajammal, the eminent carnatic music exponent, Dr.Priya developed a unique style of rendering concerts and truly proved herself as an unmatched figure in the world of carnatic music.