Carnatic Music Musical Treat by Sri. Pattabhiram Pandit

SGBS Trust

review by Team Unnati

Pattabhiram PunditSri.Pattabhiram Pandit, a student of the great maestro Sri.KV Narayanaswamy, surely has the blessing of his guru as is evident from the way Sri.Pandit sings, with total involvement,enjoying every nuance himself and singing without any reservation whatsoever---a style which is his own unique style, full of bhava and strictly adhering to tradition.He passed on his vibration to the audience, who thoroughly enjoyed his music.Darbar,Lathangi and RTP in Keeravani were all rendered beautifully.

The Pallavi was a very difficult one and was sung in ragamalika ,which was unusual and thoroughly enjoyable as it was innovative and sung to perfection.Mysore Sri.Nagaraj accompanied wonderfully on the violin, adding much variety and dimension to further enhance the beauty of each piece.The taanam in Keeravani needs special mention as it was a treat to hear.Mannargudi Sri.Easwaran on the mridangam was outstanding and very inspiring.The taniavarthanam was refreshing. Sri.SN Narayanamurthy on the ghatam, played with great understanding to give us all a great concert.

Details of Concert:

1.Ninnu Kori (varnam)---Mohanam
3.Sabhapatikki Veredaivam--Abogi
4.Mundu Venuka--darbar
5.Pirava Varam Taarum---Lathangi
6.Tatvam ariya tarama--Guntakriya
7.RTP (Madhava Sodhari,Sundari, Manonmani Keeravani)------Keeravani (main)
Neraval in Ragamalika--Bhairavi,Bhavani,Kalyani,Neelambari,Shivaranjani

8.Mayamma Anine Pilachite--Ahiri
9.Sarvam Brahmamayam---Madhuvanthi
10.Marubaari taalalelura--Kamas
12.Kandu Dhanyanaade---Behag

Compiled by Tangam mami & Visalam mami


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