Chennai Music Season in its full vigor

by Krishnaraj S

Mahatma Gandhi has said that the soul of India is in its villages. The tradition and culture is spread through minute roots and it is so intense that it is virtually un-breakable. The Chennai music season is said to have originated as a strong statement against the British celebration of New year and Christmas in India. In fact it started parallel to the freedom movement itself. After 63 years of gaining freedom, the Chennai Music season still stands high as a strong icon of the heritage and tradition of India. More than thousand music concerts take place in 400 plus sangeeth sabhas featuring 350 plus carnatic music artists. Truly Chennai music season is festival par equivalence.

The conduct of Margazhi music season has however evolved a lot since the last 90 years. In earlier years it was community funding from likeminded music loving people. This has now evolved into corporate funding of many venues and programmes. The festival has seen veterans like Subbalskhmi amma, Semmangudi Sreenivasa Iyer and DK Pattammal performing at their peaks. The Madras Music Academy was considered to be the ultimate word in south Indian music and arts. The musical niche has also surpassed the modern lifestyle featured by the pop and the pub culture. The margazhi season reminds one of the old traditional lifestyle where one depended traditional food, wore traditional clothes and listen to traditional classical music. It’s a time to rejuvenate one’s soul and the body and to enhance ‘jnana ’ of music as well. It seems as if Te entire Chennai wears a traditional outfit just for the Margazhi season. Now, for once again the Margazhi season is on, demonstrating the strength vigor and passion of our true Indian culture.


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