Veteran artists meet Prime minister for endorsement of Arts

by Krishnaraj S

It was a day with a difference at the Parliament house at New Delhi yesterday, as a delegate comprising veteran artists from all parts of the nation convened a briefing with the Prime Minister, Dr.Manmohan Singh.
The main Agenda of the delegation was to invite the attention of the government to the promotion of classical arts and related media. The delegation included veteran artists including Sri.Hariprasad Chaurasya, Sri.Zakir Hussain, Sri.Birju Maharaj, Sri.Aravind Puraikh, Smt.Sudha Raghunathan, Sri.U. Srinivas, Sri.T.N. Krishnan, and many more. The musicians represented the recently formed organization, All India Musicians Group.
After the meeting with the Prime Minister, the delegation said that they had a discussion regarding the importance and the crucial role played by fine arts in developing and mentoring the cultural values. They also urged the prime minister to constitute a committee to monitor and review the state of classical music education in the country. The deligation also criticized the ‘absurd reality shows’ which are popular these days and also requested to support and fund for a dedicated TV channel for culture and fine arts. They also requested to create a national welfare fund for senior and aged artists. The prime minister is known to have had a positive response to the suggestions put foreword by the delegation.


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