Carnatic Music Articles

1.Article by Ms. Revathi S. " Will modern trends in music affect the purity of carnatic music ? " CLICK here

2. Article by Ms. Revathi S. "Why not Shruthirpitha layahmaatha?" CLICK here

3. Article by Ms. Revathi S. "Emotions in Carnatic Music " CLICK here

4. Article by Sri. Harsha Karkenhalli "Two Branches Of Indian Classical Music " CLICK here

5.Article by Ms. Revathi S. "Music, Mind and Body" Click here

6. Article by Sri. S. Dinesh, Student, Sri Guruguha Gana Vidyalaya Kolkata "Different Contexts of the usage of the raga mudra by Dikshitar" Click here

7. Article by Ms. Subbalakshmi "Divine Music" Click here

8. Article by Ms. Revathi S."Raga Identification"

9. Article by Mr. MT Cherian on influence of ragas in film music

10. Article by Sri. S.Madhva Muni Rao


11.T. M. Krishna's concert for Poona Sangeetha Sabha by saiganesh

12. Article by Ms. Revathi S. "Navagraha Krithis " CLICK here

13.Article by Ms. Revathi S. "Navarasa in carnatic music : Tyagaraja krithis " CLICK here

14.Article by Ms. Radhika Krishna. "Saint Tyagaraja’s Pancharatna Krithis" CLICK here

14.Article by Ms.madhu Sen. " In the arc of limelight " CLICK here

15.Article by Ms.Radhika Krishna " Tips for Carnatic music concert performance" CLICK here

16. Article by Ms. Subbalakshmi "The essence of Purandaradasa bhakthi tatva - A Noble path for Moksha"
Click here

17. Article by Ms.Radhika Krishna "Saint Tyagaraja : The last word in carnatic music " CLICK here

18. "Concert by Bombay Jayasree at Trippunithura" by Radhika Krishna

19. "veteran Artists Meets Prime Minister for Endorsements" by Krishnaraj S

20. "Chennai Music Season in its full Vigor" by Krishnaraj S

21. "Cricket Kutcheri 2011 : Exploring the harmonies of Cricket" by Krishnaraj S

22. "A confluence of art and music" by VS Ramana

23. "Tyagaraja Sankeerthanopsana - The Pious Path for Moksha Sadhana" by Ms.Subbalakshmi


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