Let’s Explore About Punjab Culture With Gambling Agents – If any of you are into Indian movies or songs, surely you know a little about the name Punjab. This name is very synonymous with the name India. In fact Punjab is a region consisting of East Pakistan and North India. And usually the Punjab people are often referred to by the name Punjabi and the language is also called Punjabi. According to the online gambling agent which has been traced that there is a mixing of the two regions between the punjub, the resulting traditions and culture will also vary.


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Get to know Punjab culture

Below are some of the online gambling agent version of the Punjab culture, namely:

  1. Music and dance
    Not India if they have no name music and terian, if you look at Hollywood films then dance and music have become closely related in India, especially in Punjab. Not only the dance itself, but the cultural essence of Bhangra dance also lies in its folk music which consists of simple instruments, such as dhol and dholak in the form of drums while being played in harmony with boliya, which is a typical Punjab duet song.
  2. Typical dishes
    Now, when it comes to food, there are quite a number of Punjab-style dishes that are quite popular. Starting from tandoori chicken, amritsari naan and kulcha, dal makhani, saag, to bread mission. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, all can enjoy these delicious dishes.
  3. Traditional clothing
    The traditional dress of Punjabi men is called kurta-pajamas with turban. Meanwhile, women usually wear a ghaghra (long skirt) and a kameez (long top) equipped with a vest.
  4. Festival
    Apart from food and clothing, the Punjab people also celebrate various festivals including religious festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Gurparva, Holla Mohalla, Maghi, Lohri and Baisakhi. Well, one of the most important Punjab festivals is the Baisakhi festival which is usually celebrated on the first day of April or May as a celebration of New Year according to the Saka calendar.

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