Some Traditional Indian Musical Instruments – Hayooo, who among you listen to Indian songs dance right away, India is not only famous for its Bollywood films, but also for its good and fun songs for dancing.

India has long been known by the world to be able to produce songs whose rhythm is able to invite to dance. The clever songs and dances are usually displayed in Bollywood films. But do you know, if in fact the festive nuances of the songs that are soundtracks are very distinctive because they are produced from musical instruments?

Some Traditional Indian Musical Instruments

Below are some traditional musical instruments that make Indian songs delicious and fun to dance. checkdottt:

  • Pakhawaj
    Pakhawaj is a barrel-shaped double-sided drum, also known as mridang. This percussion instrument has a soft tone, commonly used as a musical and dance accompaniment.
  • Padayani Thappu
    Padayani is the name of a ritual dance from the Kerala region, while Thappu is used as an accompaniment.
    Padayani Thappu is a wooden drum with a leather wall on one side. This instrument is played by hand.
  • Algoza
    This instrument is popular in Punjab and Rajasthan in the form of a combination of two flutes played using three fingers on each side.
  • Sursingar
    Sursingar is an instrument made of wood or leather and the neck has a metal fingerboard. This instrument string is played with a metal pick, while the neck is made of horn.
  • Pepa
    This pipe-shaped instrument made from buffalo horn is a musical instrument that originated in Assam, northeastern India which is famous for its wildlife.

Some other musical instruments

  • Ravanahatha
    This instrument is believed to have originated from Sri Lanka in the form of ancient strings, which until now are used in several areas around India and Sri Lanka. Ravanahatha is also known as the ancestor of the violin.
  • Sambal
    This instrument consists of two drums that are put together with one drum having a higher pitch than the other. This instrument from West India is played by hitting the skin stretched out at the top of each drum.
  • Udukai
    Udukai is a percussion instrument from Tamil Nadu whose voice is produced from skin vibrations. It looks like an hourglass and has a small rope stretching to one side.
  • Kuzhal
    Kuzhal is an instrument that is usually played at temple festivals in Kerala temples that produce high-pitched sounds
  • Gubguba
    This instrument is played by holding the body under the arm and the end of the rope in the same fist. The other hand picks the rope with the pick.

Among the musical instruments above, is there anyone who can play, if I can’t see it, I’m already confused about how to play it.

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