Get to know traditional Indian musical instruments

Who does not know about Indian songs? Almost everyone is very familiar with the characteristics of Indian music which has a distinctive shrill like triangular song in every song. The melodious high voice becomes a beauty in every Indian song.

Indian songs are often heard and quite popular in the world. All that is because various Indian films always insert Indian music that makes the audience remember the music. But what you usually hear is modern music that has been created by famous singers who used to be romantic, cheerful, and sad.

Get to know traditional Indian musical instruments

Different from traditional Indian music or songs. Traditional Indian music doesn’t have triakan songs like the Hits you usually hear. Not for a romantic, sad or cheerful worship like you are winning playing JOKER123 at one of these online slot agents.. But every traditional Indian song has characteristics that lead more to culture, customs and beliefs.

Indian traditional songs are actually no less popular. Moreover, the flow of Carnatic which became a characteristic of South India. Carnatic music has colored the Indian music world. Because this music is usually accompanied by a traditional ceremony of a region, wedding ceremonies, and other ceremonies that are sacred.

Besides being a traditional song, Carnatic music is also used as community entertainment. Maybe some of you are curious about Indian instruments used for traditional songs. Here we will discuss the instruments used in traditional Carnatic music.

Saraswati Veena

This instrument is often used as a supporting instrument for the south Indian homecoming Carnatic. This instrument is similar to harp because it is played by picking.


Tabla is a musical instrument that is also used in typical Carnatic music in southern India. This instrument consists of two drums which have different heights.


Sarod is an Indian traditional musical instrument which is the same as veena but the strings are made of metal.


This instrument is the same as a drum-like percussion. This traditional musical instrument has existed from 2000 years ago to become the most historic musical instrument.

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