Development and Characteristics of Traditional Indian Music

Traditional music is a legacy music created as a characteristic of regional music. Various countries have traditional music that is deliberately made to be a jewel in the music world.

Development and Characteristics of Traditional Indian Music

In India music has also developed over time. Not discuss Indian modern music that you usually hear in movies, but traditional music that has differences in several regions.

Although it is known as a Hindu country, traditional music is mostly influenced by the Islamic religion of the gang developing music in India. Some regions have different traditional music styles. In North India it is known as Hindustani music, the South Indian region is known as Carnatic music, and in the west it is known as Haryana music.

Of the three music that is best known as world music is the Carnatic genre.

Here are the characteristics of traditional Carnatic music you need to know:

  • No shouting

Indian traditional songs or music is different from Indian music which is Hits. There was no singing voice like shouting.

  • Improvisation variations

There are various variations on each improvisation so it will sound unique and interesting

  • vocal

In contrast to Hits Indian music, traditional Indian music is not focused on the rhythm of the instrument, but rather focuses on the vocal emphasis on the lyrics.

  • Ancient Hindu Traditions

Every traditional Indian music is usually influenced by Hindu traditions that lead to the spiritual.

These characteristics are a characteristic that you can feel in a traditional Indian music. On average the music will be used as an introduction to important ceremonies such as weddings and traditional ceremonies of a region in southern India.

The instrument used in Carnatic music is a kind of guitar called a Membranphone made of wood or bamboo that has thick strings to cause echoes, and tabla instruments that are played by being hit like a drum.

From the instrument itself, it is very visible that the instrument used is still very traditional, not a modern instrument like in Indian films.

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